Monday, June 15, 2009

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Can you help me find the posts that are bold and red? I want a record of this HORRIBLE hoax in it's entirety and I can't find those 8 posts anywhere.
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Monday, June 8, 2009

6/8/09 2:13 PM

This post was retrieved from Bloglines as the cache had been cleared and it couldn't be found via the original blog cache.

I know you all are so concerned about April and anxious to hear how she is doing. I'm so sorry there have been no updates for so long. I have stepped back to allow D to protect his family as he has chosen to. I want to respect that. There have also been no updates because the focus has shifted from the blog to what is going on with April right now. As it should.

Posts have been removed and photos taken down. It may be brash, but there is not the luxury of time to think through how to respond to things. Their focus is not on what is swirling around on the internet. Their attention is on their daughter.

I am hundreds of miles away from B & D and April right now, so have been just as anxious to hear an update as all of you.

I just spoke with B on the phone. She and April (and D) are at the hospital right now. April's health was beginning to decline, and B was not feeling well either, so together with the midwife they made the call and took a short ambulance ride to the nearby hospital.

The doctors at the hospital are running some tests on April right now. B did not know the details of what tests (they were in separate areas at the time, plus it was really noisy and hard to understand everything), but she knows they are doing some blood work to begin with.

So, the good news is, April Rose is alive right now! And, she and B are both continuing to receive excellent care. We can pray for wisdom for the doctors and for D & B. We can pray that they will return home tonight with their baby in tow (I wonder if the hospital supplies car seats in these situations???).

We can pray for the God of Truth to reign in this situation and for what is true to be brought to light. We do not look to the left or to the right for what is true, but to the Creator of Life. God is not a God of confusion.

I will continue to update as B asks me to. I have told her about all of the wonderful encouragement you all are sending her way. She is grateful for that, so thank you.


decision for now

This post was retrieved from Bloglines as the cache had been cleared and it couldn't be found via the original blog cache.

hi world. it's d and i have decided to keep this blog as just updates at this time.
we have received so much hate and accusations the last 2 days through the internet both on here and in our email.

i have read and heard and seen it all. a doctored image of our girl with red horns and a tail, emails about how we have done all of this for cash (for the record we have never taken in any donation money or checks. the only person who has gotten money from this blog is PASS Pregnancy Care Center) at this time it is too much.

people are entitled to believe what they want. people can say that we are cons or whatever else they would like to say. we know our hearts, so do our friends and so does God.

we do not plan on ending this blog but at this time there is no room for the hate we have received. this is not the time and we only wish people could see that as truth and not continue spreading lies and speaking hate to a family trying to live life. to those who have supported us with prayers....the most important thing anyone can do is pray and so we will continue to post prayer updates and information but at this time that is all we can do.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

April Rose is HERE!!!

Did I mention that April is crying? and blonde? :) -R

April is here! Praise Jesus!

Her mama has been working very hard and April came into this world at 2:48 pm -- just NOW!

More updates to come. But for now, praise Jesus that sweet April Rose has breath in her body at this moment!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

the April update post

This post was retrieved from Bloglines as the cache had been cleared and it couldn't be found via the original blog cache.

Raechel again. I'm going to be posting things/details as I hear them on this post. I want to leave the "April is HERE!" post with just that news.

9:37 - I'm signing off for a bit. (It's my wedding anniversary, after all!) We're all exhausted, but Kelli has said she will update directly to the blog now so I can go. Blessings, friends. -Raechel

8:38 - April Rose has been living and breathing for SIX hours now! The glory is the Lord's for each and every breath. (By the way, some of you have asked who Kelli is. Sorry if that somehow slipped through the cracks! Kelli is B's friend there in town. They've been friends for years and B has been planning to have Kelli there for April's birth since the beginning. She has been so sweet to provide us with updates - I'm several states away myself! - all the while being there to support B & D and love on April Rose. Thanks, Kelli for being a fantastic friend to B!)

8:14 - Kel is there with them now and is experiencing firsthand the emotions of these moments. She is asking for specific prayer for B & D right now. I thought about posting a completely separate post about this, but I'll just ask you all here. For the next 10 minutes - from 8:14-8:24 - can we all close our computers, (I'll disable comments) and all drop to our knees in prayer for this Mother and Father who are losing their baby girl. Ask for the Lord to be near to them, pray for a miracle, pray for His will. We are thanking God for his promises to NEVER leave us or forsake us, and that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God.

8:06 - Kelli is helping with the foot molds now.

7:52 - B & D are working on casting molds of April's feet. (The kit was another gift from one of y'all!) Also, I am told that April has green eyes. :) It's a nice detail to know!

7:48 - April is 5 hours old! This is a gift!

7:22 - April's heart rate is now in the low 70s. Kelli hasn't heard anything from the doctor that came. You may notice someone very little and very beautiful (and, MIRACULOUS, I might add) in the lower right sidebar. See her? That's our baby April. :)

6:48 - April is 4 hours old! No new news, but the doctor is here. (I'm sure you all understand that the "special surprise" will have to wait for now.)

6:37 - April's heart rate is "rapidly decreasing". This is a time to be in prayer for our sweet sister in Christ.

6:29 - There is a doctor on the way to the house for April. Her heart rate continues to decrease and her breathing is slowing.

6:13 - April's heart rate is decreasing. It's just below 100 bpm. Pray, friends.

5:48 - April is 3 hours old!!! And, sleeping like a baby!

5:39 - Stay tuned for a special surprise...

5:22 - April and B are sleeping! The midwife will continue to check on April's heart while they sleep but will not wake them if possible. Will let you know when they wake up or if anything changes.

4:55 - A bath from her Daddy, a fresh set of clothes and a big first meal, April Rose is fast asleep in her Mama's arms. And, I don't think Mama is far behind. She worked HARD!

4:48 - April Rose is 2 hours old! Can we all sing a song and dance around?! April's life is fragile, yes. But no more than yours or mine. LIfe is precious! Let's dance to the Lord for the life he gives each of us! We have life right now!!

4:39 - Kelli is back. Heart rate is in the 120s! April is crying a bit so B's giving her a pacifier.

4:36 - Getting questions about vitals and medical interventions from y'all. Will ask for a heart rate update when Kelli gets back. Don't know what the midwives are thinking though I know they are weighing things for sure. Lots of discussion right now. Pray for wisdom. B wants time with her girl, not to have her whisked away during this precious time. The people in the house right now (B, D & the midwives) have all the information right now to make decisions - we just have pieces. They know things that we don't, and all we can do is pray for wisdom.

4:24 - Kelli has just gone into the bedroom to visit with B and April Rose while D speaks with the midwife. Since Kelli's our girl with the inside scoop, we'll be waiting until she comes back out for more updates. Did I mention that April ate like a champ? Three cheers for her and her Mama!

4:20 - There is a photographer at the house to photograph the new baby!

4:18 - An hour and a half! Praise Jesus!

4:12 - April is wearing a crocheted hat with a rose on it (I believe made by one of y'all?), and a onesie that someone sent that says "Already a Miracle". Fitting, eh? Oh, and the Gracious May shoes pictured in B's hands here fit "perfectly".

4:08 - April has eaten. Kelli got to hold her and say hello for a bit. Now B & D are alone with their little girl for the first time. D dressed her, by the way. :)

3:48 - Happy 1-hour birthday to April! Praise be to the Creator and Giver of life for this time he is giving April Rose and her parents. Oh, that we would all count each hour of our own lives and the lives of others as so precious. Life is a gift!

3:38 - Moving into the bedroom to get more comfortable.

3:37 - EVERYTHING is too big for April. A million things to wear and nothing fits! (don't we all have this problem!) :)

3:36 - Big happy news! After some discussion, the midwifes have decided that this girl needs to eat! They are teaching B how to do it right now. She gets to feed her baby girl!

3:31 - April's heart rate is 118. We are praying for time. And, for wisdom in these moments, both for the midwives (yes, there are two there now) and for B & D.

3:23 - D is looking around for things for April.

3:22 - B is holding her daughter. This is a moment we have all been praying for. It's a miracle!

3:18 - Happy 30-minute birthday, sweet baby A! We love having you here right now!

3:13pm - April is in her Daddy's arms.

3:04pm - 4 pounds, 8 ounces; 18 inches long! Praise Jesus!

3:01pm - weighing her...

2:57pm - News from Kelli - "She looks perfect!"

sunday morning

This post was retrieved from Bloglines as the cache had been cleared and it couldn't be found via the original blog cache.

2:38 Sunday afternoon - We're VERY close - they can see the head! April is doing great and it looks like she will meet eyes with here Mama and Daddy very soon! Pray!


2:00 Sunday afternoon - B is pushing. April is doing well so far and will be here soon.
Lord, be near.

*original post follows*

Hi everyone! My name is Kelli and I'm here with B and D. Yes I'm here! I'm in the other room :) but can tell you what's all going on.

It was a long night for them. I got here at 5 this morning and could see how tired everyone was. Things were progressing slowly and there were concerns with that until about an hr ago. Things now look better.

There has been a lot of talk with the midwife and a midwife assistant that is now here about concerns and decisions about if April is born alive. It looks like this will happen and they are determining what they will do in different scenarios. For example if they will check her here or take her to the hospital and how long they will wait.

B is now 8 cm and this has been the hardest time for her so far physically and mentally. I am sure she would continue to appreciate your prayers. Me, Raechel or someone will continue with updates as much as we're able.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

his unfailing love

Hey y'all, it's Raechel. It's Saturday evening now and, while there is not much to say, I want to keep you all as updated as I can.

B is having frequent contractions now and is up and moving around. The midwife is there, probably for the long haul at this point as they expect this is only going to progress. Active labor is only just beginning and B has a lot more work to do before April comes.

The glorious news is that our April Rose is handling all of this BEAUTIFULLY and her little heart is doing fine. Everything looks great on that end. She is a champion and this news is such a source of joy for her Mama and Daddy right now.

Even still, B is very tired. They both are. This process, as many of you know, is so physically exhausting. Add to that the nerves and fear of what they do not know, and you can just imagine what these hours are like for them right now.

Here is what D told me just a few minutes ago:

"An update would be good but not sure what else you or we could say. She is really trusting God but is very sad. We have prayed and talked a lot. She is listening to the song 'Unfailing Love' on repeat. She is a great mom already."

Of course, I think we already knew that. :)

We are praying that things continue to go well with April and that B can handle labor well. Please be in prayer for this little family through the night as God lays it on your heart. I will do my best to post updates as they come.

I'll close with a verse that B asked me to share with you all. It has been running through her head all evening.

"But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him,
on those whose hope is in his unfailing love."
Psalm 33:18